• EmCrafts
  • SEM
  • Optional Devices
  • Optional Devices
  • EDS
  • Bruker
  • Quantax, Sub equipment of Scanning Electron Microscope to make workstation for SEM
  • ESPRIT – the Ideal Analytical Software
Suite for SEM and TEM
  • Real-Time Spectrometry –
See Composition Changes Immediately
Taking advantage of the new XFlash® 6
detectors' speed, the real-time spectrometry
function offers instant information on local
sample characteristics.
  • Unsurpassed Light Element and
Low Energy Analysis
Producing reliable analytical results is a challenge,
especially at low X-ray energies. Building on the excellent
low energy performance of the XFlash® detectors, the
ESPRIT software contains several features supporting
nano-analysis in the light element / low energy range
  • Hybrid Quantification for Maximum Accuracy
  • ESPRIT Imaging
  • Powerful Automation
  • Analysis Method Coupling
  • The open architecture of Bruker’s QUANTAX system allows easy coupling of analytical methods. For the latest generation of QUANTAX the truly simultaneous EDS and EBSD analysis has been further refined. Other analysis techniques are supported via ESPRIT as well.
  • Specifications