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  • TEAM™ EDS Analysis System for SEM
  • TEAM™ EDS Analysis System for SEM
  • TEAM™ EDS Analysis System, coupled with the TEAM™ EDS Software Suite is the most intuitive and easy to use analytical tool available for the SEM.
    The workflow functions are automated by integrating years of EDAX knowledge and expertise to work for you.
    Startup, Analysis, and Reporting are easy because the TEAM™ EDS software automates each task.
    It is the only EDS technology that combines smart decision making and guidance for the novice with advanced features for the experienced user.
    Now you have the intelligence of an EDS expert every step of the way.
  • Point Analysis & Linescan
  • TEAM™ EDS Point Analysis utilizes next-generation element identification and quantification models and algorithms for the fastest, most accurate EDS spectra collection.
    Whenever a spectrum is gathered, EXpert ID’s element routine begins and automatically identifies elements present in the spectrum. Each peak will be labeled according to its K, L, or M energy line.
    As the Smart Quant routine is applied, weight and atomic percentages are calculated for each identified element.
  • Spectra can be collected across the specimen's image area, including individual points, multiple points, selected areas, freehand draw, and line scans.
  • Each color represents a separate phase (red=Al, yellow=Cu-Al, blue=Si, orange=Mg-rich). Note that the orange phase could not be found when drift correction was not used.
    The drift offset table is also shown - note that it is possible to correct for sub-pixel drift.
  • Smart Phase Mapping
  • Elemental maps, together with the phase map, image, and a map that shows the total counts at each pixel.
  • Smart Phase Mapping allows users to interactively work with the dataset during collection.