• EmCrafts
  • SEM
  • Optional Devices
  • Optional Devices
  • WDS
  • Thermo
  • WDS Precision and Confidence with EDS Ease
  • Wavelength Dispersive spectroscopy  analysis system
  • Unparalleled microanalysis results
  • High resolution
  • Sensitivity for trace elements
  • Continuous spectrometer coverage
    for full spectral range
  • Guaranteed sensitivity specification
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Embedded expert system eliminates concerns
    regarding sample position, beam current and
    spectrometer setup
  • Alignment of the spectrometer is handled
    automatically when it is needed
  • The most appropriate element is chosen and
    the sample and spectrometer are aligned for
    optimum operation using information
    from the EDS spectrum
  • Automated beam current measurements
    ensure accurate quantitative results
  • MagnaRay -
Low Energy Sensitivity
  • X-ray Maps and Linescans
  • WDS technology provides inherently higher peak-to-background
    ratios than traditional EDS X-ray maps, producing X-ray maps
    and linescans with high contrast for low concentration materials
  • Easy acquisition of WDS maps and linescans—select an elemental
    line in the periodic table of the NORAN System 7 software
  • All of the spectrometer settings are automatically set
    to the best operating conditions possible for that line
  • Complete transparent WDS integration within
    the NORAN System 7 software means that
    an EDS operator is already trained for WDS analyses