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  • TEAM™ WDS Analysis System
  • TEAM™ WDS Analysis System delivers the ease of use and intuitive workflow of the TEAM™ software platform to the analytical power of Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometry (WDS) to provide the ultimate in resolution and trace element analysis to users of all levels.
  • Smart Features in TEAM™ WDS optimize detector setup, automate data collection and fully integrate with TEAM™ EDS to provide EDAX users with efficient and accurate results.
    • Ease of Use
    • Three click workflow from the start of analysis to deconvolution of peak overlaps
    • User profiles with customizable preferences and settings
    • Full access to and control of advanced level user settings
        • AutoWDS
        • Utilizes the EXpertID results to select
          the elements for the WDS scan
        • Automatic setup of spectrometer and
          selection of crystals
            • Smart Focus
            • Automated focus routine that positions the sample
              at the point of maximum intensity for the selected
            • Maximizes ease of use and guarantees best data
              on the first scan
                • Reporting
                • Organize and communicate results efficiently with
                  TEAM™ Reporting in standard Microsoft Office Suite
                  documents and Adobe PDF
                • Quick Reports allow the user to tailor report content
                  and layout to specific analytical needs
                • Customizable analysis templates for advanced and
                  interactive reports
                    • TEAM™ WDS Software Suite
                    • AutoWDS
                    • Smart Focus
                    • Smart Diagnostics
                    • Smart Data Management
                    • Smart Quant
                        • Detectors
                        • Compatible with LEXS and TEXS spectrometers
                        • Compact design for easy installation on standard EDS ports
                        • Total range of operation from 80 eV to 2.4 keV (LEXS)
                          and 150eV to 10 keV (TEXS)
                        • Standard with five detectors optimized for any application