• EmCrafts
  • SEM
Virtuoso (Emcrafts SEM Dedicated Software)
  • Virtuoso provides most intuitive and convenient UI(user interface) for operations of EmCrafts' SEM.
    Virtuoso was designed not only for experienced SEM users but also for the first-time users.
    Without any additional peripheral like control knob and wheels, users can easily run SEM and acquire images by only a few clicks and wheel controls of mouse through Virtuoso.
    Users can save images into raw images as well as thumbnails, open and compare them anytime during operations.
    Virtuoso provides every user with customized settings, which prevents confusions caused by sharing settings among users.
    Automated functions of Virtuoso greatly enhance users' convenience during operation. Clicking buttons like 'Auto Contrast’, ‘Auto Brightness’ ‘Auto Focus’ enables users to save their time compared with manual adjustment so that shooting times are dramatically reduced.
  • Main Features
  • 1. Various Image Storage
       - JPG, BMP, PNG
  • 2. Video Display Mode
       - TV Mode
       - Focus Window Mode
       - Line Scan Mode
       - Photo Mode
  • 3.Automatic Functions
       - Auto Filament
       - Auto Brightness
       - Auto Contrast
       - Auto Focus
       - Auto Stigmation
  • 4. User Friendly Functions
       - Multi-user environment
       - Wobble
       - Filament burn-out alarm
       - Customizable annotation