• 제품안내
  • SEM
  • Optional Devices
  • 제품안내
  • Optional Devices
  • CL
  • Gatan
  • MonoCL(cathodoluminescence)4
  • MonoCL4는 FIB/SEM, ion microscopes과 호환 가능.
  • Low injection conditions for high spatial resolution,
    avoiding non-equilibrium conditions and minimising
    beam-induced artefacts
  • Narrow band pass operation for high spectral resolu-
    tion and monochromatic imaging
  • Shorter acquisition times for enhanced productivity
  • CL applications for many specimens, even from SEMs
    with limited beam current
  • CL from restricted generation volumes e.g. thin films,
    nanowires, nanoparticles and TEM specimens
  • Panchromatic and monochromatic imaging with high
    spatial and spectral resolution
  • Point and click’ selection of spectroscopy, imaging
    and mapping modes
  • Shortpass, longpass and bandpass imaging using filter options for increased flexibility
  • Detector and diffraction grating options optimised for your application in the ultra violet, visible and infra red wavelength ranges
  • Computer and/or manual control of detector settings
  • Factory recorded spectral response files Enhanced sensitivity in the ultra violet and infra red wavelengths
  • UV optimised option, allowing analysis to wavelengths below 200 nm
  • Time evolved signal monitoring
  • New design and software features make the interchange of gratings easier than ever whilst maintaining spectral calibration
  • The modular structure allows convenient and cost effective upgrade paths to the premium packages or to extend the useable wavelength range using additional detectors.
  • MonoCL4 Swift
  • MonoCL4 Swift는 MonoCL4에 array detector를 추가적으로 포함한 것.
  • Rapid ‘parallel’ spectral acquisition for superior productivity
  • Crucial to obtaining results from beam sensitive specimens
  • MonoCL4 Plus
  • Schottky eld emission gun (continuous system) or picosecond pulsed photoelectron gun (time-resolved option).
    Acceleration voltage : 3 – 0 kV
  • Electron optical column with electro-magnetic lenses, magnetic deflectors and astigmatism correctors. Optimized
    for continuous and pulsed operation.
  • Highest spatial resolution : < 10 nm from 3 to 10 kV
  • Analytical working distance : 3 mm
  • No loss of SE resolution in cathodoluminescence mode.
  • Field-upgradable to picosecond pulsed photoelectron gun.
  • MonoCL4 Elite
  • MonoCL4 Elite는 모든 MonoCL4의 사양을 포함하고, MonoCL4 Swift와 MonoCL4 Plus 결합한 CL package.
    Acceleration voltage : 3 – 0 kV
  • MLLS fitting of data using reference spectra to produce fit-coefficient maps.
  • Gaussian curves can be fitted to spectra providing amplitude, peak-shift & -width mapping. Useful for mapping
    changes in alloy composition and stress mapping in semiconductor and ceramic materials.
  • Sub-pixel scanning for improved statistical confidence.
  • Stage mapping option for extended field of view.
  • Simultaneous SI acquisition of other signals available e.g. EDS or EELS.